Sponsor a Student for the Feed and Read Program

For some of our Albany students, focusing on school work frequently takes a back seat to worrying about the basic necessities of life. These students depend on free school meals as a primary source of nutrition, and often go hungry over the weekend when these meals are not available. Can you imagine trying to concentrate on school after a weekend spent hungry and anxious?

To give all students the chance they deserve to succeed, we partner with the Homeless and Travelers Aid Society and Grassroot Givers on the Feed and Read Program. Each Friday, this initiative sends 590 low-income, high-risk students home with a backpack full of food to nourish their bodies over the weekend – along with a new book each week to nourish their minds. The data show that participating students have reduced absenteeism, better classroom behavior, and even higher test scores. They come to school ready to focus on learning – not just lunch.


We need your help to sustain this important program! It costs $300/year - or $25/month - to provide a student with a backpack for an entire school year. The backpacks include bread, cereal, fresh produce, and coupons for eggs or milk - along with an age-appropriate book each week to help students build literacy habits at home. 

Will you help us ensure that hunger doesn't prevent students from learning this year by sponsoring a student? 



Sponsor a Student in Honor or Memory of a Friend or Loved One

Fill out this information if you would like your sponsorship to be in honor or memory of a friend or loved one.